Mods to the people

We joined the group og people who love modifying our EDC┬┤s and favorite toys.

Brass, copper and stainless steel? You name it we CNC it, brace it, tig it or weld it!

We want to help you make your own mods. thats why we strive to leave our products open for modification so that you get the perfect canvas to paint on.

About Brass Heads

We are a new Danish company startet on the basis of love to EDC mods. We are placed in Copenhagen, North west where we have sales and part of our production.

We love polished & stonewashed brass and all that jazz. let us know what yourfavorite EDC is, maybe we can start a production.

Our mods have a tendensy to be a bit more edgy or "simple" then original parts. - its the way we like it!

This homepage is still under construction, but soon you can find tons of pictures of gread Mods - send a mail if you have any questions